Volunteer Information

We know that the success of our sales includes volunteers- hopefully that includes you!

Our volunteer workers get the bonus of a pre-sale pass to shop before the consignors and general public. Our volunteer positions are limited and are first come, first serve. Volunteer duties will include: consignor check in, shopper check out, set up and take down as well as general duties associated with day to day activity.

Everyone who volunteers at least 3 hours will earn a Pre-sale pass.

If you are already a registered consignor and want to volunteer click here and select your volunteer time.

If you are not a consignor and want to volunteer you can register as a "non-consigning volunteer" and pay a $25 deposit which will be refunded to you at the end of your shift(s). This deposit allows you to enjoy the benefit of shopping during a pre-sale event while helping us avoid volunteer "no-shows". We rely heavily on our volunteer staff!

Volunteer No Show Policy

If you are unable to work your shift we ask that you find your own replacement to fill in for you. Consignor not able to find a replacement will receive 50% of their sale proceeds sold during the event. Non-consigning volunteers will forfeit their $25 deposit. We understand emergencies will happen and will treat them on a case by case basis. You can contact us at the emergency number 435-535-5981. Realize that your help is greatly appreciated.

Sponsors/Partners If you would like to be a sponsor or advertise with us, contact us.
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